Gold – O2 Telefónica UK and Forum For The Future: Think Big for Planet

Best environmental or sustainable programme

In a bid to combat the immense quantity of electronics currently finding their way into landfill, O2 partnered with Vodafone and UK sustainable development organisation Forum for the Future to launch Eco Rating 2.0 – an industry-wide ratings system that allows consumers to compare the green credentials of different mobile devices. This has not only empowered O2’s customers to make more ethical, sustainable choices but also encouraged suppliers, including HTC, Microsoft and Sony, to put the environment at the forefront of their design philosophies. Through their Think Big for Planet campaign, O2 has also inspired its customers to purchase charger-free phones, extend the functional life of their existing devices and to recycle them at the end of their lifespans – all of which dramatically cuts down on waste. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, with countless customers persuaded to purchase more sustainable devices resulting in 150,000 fewer chargers and more than 1.4m devices recycled.


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