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How to enter


Before you submit your online entry, you will need to have a single PDF document prepared for each of your entries (maximum 10MB for each entry). This should contain all of the three steps below.

In addition, if you are having difficulty deciding on the content, layout, and design of your entry, we recommend that you download the Corporate Engagement Awards entry guide. This is a guide to help you decide what to include in and how to shape your submission.

STEP ONE - Entry summary

  • Entry synopsis – a short summary of the project or campaign
  • Category entered and why the work fits into that category
  • Industry context - how did the project's success impact the relevant sectors or industries involved?

Please remember, if you are entering one project into multiple categories please tailor your entry to fit each category and state why it’s a good fit for each category. 

STEP TWO - Entry statement

Provide an entry statement explaining your work in no more than 700 words; bullet points are fine. We advise that your statement tells the narrative of your work thoroughly, outlining the initial objectives, the strategy implemented and the results. The best entries clearly relate the results back to the initial objectives and make the entry specific to the category being entered.

  • Establishing the partnership

    How and why was the relationship initiated? Why were the companies working together a good fit? What were the potential benefits of the relationship? How did the partnership reflect the business strategies of both/all parties?

  • Objective

    What were the objectives for both/all parties involved? What benefits could the companies offer each other? What was the expected result of the partnership? 

  • Development

    How did you develop the relationship or project? Why did you use this approach? Who were the target audiences? Outline the approach you took to create a strategy that met the objectives for all parties.

  • Implementation

    How did you execute the strategy for both/either the target audience and internal audiences? Did you encounter any unexpected problems?

  • Results

    How did the outcome of the relationship meet the expectations? What were the benefits to the companies involved? Has it prompted further projects?

*The most successful entries relate their results back to the original objectives. Although statistics can be impressive, there is no point trying to force them into the submission if they are not relevant to the brief.

STEP THREE - Supporting materials

Supporting materials can be included to help judges evaluate your entry by providing evidence of your achievements. Materials should illustrate your work and aid the narrative of your entry statement. Supporting materials must be included in the same file as your entry statement.

Examples of supporting materials include:

  • Images illustrating the project or campaign
  • Reviews
  • Press coverage (up to five examples)
  • Social coverage (up to five examples)
  • Video (up to three minutes, please include a link to the video within your entry rather than the video file)
  • Testimonials
  • Client feedback (if relevant)

Please include any necessary login details needed to access links and ensure that any URLs included in your entries do not have any expiry dates.

Please note that the organisers cannot be held liable for changes to entrants' site architecture or changes that may take place between submission and judging.

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