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Gold – IKEA Foundation and Kindred Agency: IWitness

Best execution

Despite its status as one of the world’s largest charitable foundations –donating more than ¤104m in 2014 alone – the IKEA Foundation has long struggled with low awareness, even within the broader IKEA brand.To meet the challenge of communicating with a global, disparate staff, many of whom do not have access to a computer during work hours, the IKEA Foundation partnered with Kindred Agency to launch an innovative digital strategy. Called IWitness, the programme recruited IKEA workers to act as ambassadors for the foundation. This cohort was armed with digital devices to record, upload and promote its work to colleagues and friends alike.By communicating with IKEA staff on their personal time via social media, the programme dramatically increased reach, growing the foundation’s Facebook community from 5,000 to over 375,000 and increasing total engagements to 435,000. More importantly, the programme has created a community of enthusiastic and engaged staff, committed actively sharing and promoting the IKEA Foundation’s work.


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