Gold – Barclays and the Football Foundation: Spaces for Sports

Best sports and leisure programme

For over a decade, Barclays has partnered with the Football Foundation to build and renovate sports facilities in the most deprived areas of the UK. Now, with increased pressure on local funding, the partnership has changed its focus to safeguard the sustainability of those facilities. It ensures that communities have continued access to the centres. Relationships between facilities and local councils, youth groups and professional sports teams, generated over £900,000 since 2013. Barclays provided training for facility managers and encouraged its staff to volunteer. The bank also leveraged its Premier League sponsorship to organise a 12-day tour of the Premier League trophy at over 30 sites.Within eight months, 68% of the facilities had been classed as ‘long term sustainable.’ Use of the sites has increased by more than 12%, attracting 53,000 people per week and more than 24,000 volunteers per month. A judge said, “This entry is game-changing. To invest in communities and community leaders to support sustainable sports provision at grass roots level feels like the very essence of what this category seeks to recognise.”


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