Gold – Aimia and over 40 charities: Data Philanthropy

Most innovative collaboration

Knowing that data can transform how organisations function, Aimia leveraged its analytic insight to help more than 40 charities enhance their operations. Aimia used hackathon events, mentoring by data professionals, the development of analytic tools and training workshopsto help a range of non-profits get more out of their data, countering the shortage of data analysis expertise in the charity sector. Aimia’s leading data analysts put more than 15,000 hours into the campaign, working closely with charities to provide insights that have helped increase funding, community engagement and investor interest. The data has also assisted charities in future planning, allowing them to make better-informed decisions about upcoming campaigns. One judge says, the campaign was, “Truly innovative...Cut through the noise of traditional partnership activities, to demonstrate a unique focus on changing charities and their ability to deliver impact for the better.”


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