9 days until the awards ceremony


It is a pleasure to have each of our sponsors on board for the 2017 Corporate Engagement Awards. Click their logos below for more information on the areas they specialise in and how you can work together. For details on sponsorship call +44 20 7498 7008.




Comprend is a digital corporate communications specialist that helps companies make better use of digital channels in their corporate communications. They combine communications knowledge and thought leadership with digital expertise and insight. With international clients for IR, media, CSR, employer branding, internal communications and social media, they provide a unified approach to Digital Corporate Communications. Comprend's work has global reach and successfully supports their worldwide as well as their local market-specific initiatives.


Rocksalt Copy Creatives

Rocksalt Copy Creatives is a creative team of journalists, copywriters and digital marketers delivering fresh and engaging content for the web, digital and more. Digital agencies, corporate communications and PR professionals, TV stations, fledgling businesses and leading blue chip companies are just some of the sectors they've worked with. Whether you’re a small business looking for a copywriter, or a larger organisation requiring a full content provision service, Rocksalt are here to help.

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TINT is a technology platform that allows organisations to display social feeds anywhere. Its mission is to help organisations amplify their brand, engage their audiences and drive them to take action through social media.

TINT is trusted by over 45,000+ brands across the world and works in over 170 countries. Our self-service platform leads the world in social display and we are proud to be innovating organisations in new and exciting ways every day.