Survey shows connection between CSR and reputation

| Michelle Guo

A corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputation survey by the Reputation Institute reveals perceptions of UK companies are lagging behind international corporates. Lego, IKEA and Microsoft were named the most responsible companies by the UK general public. Of the 10 companies perceived to have the best CSR practices, John Lewis Partnership and Rolls-Royce Aerospace were the only two that were UK-domiciled.


High flying foundation

| Communicate editor

According to research, fewer than 5% of pilots across the globe are women. Although these figures are slowly changing, the aviation industry in 2016 is still heavily dominated by men. Through the Chain of Betters initiative developed by the Western Union Foundation, South Africa native Siba Gquirana, was nominated to receive funds on International Women’s Day to complete her training and qualify as a pilot.


It's a match!

| Emily Andrews

In a seemingly unlikely union, NHS Blood and Transplant and Tinder have partnered-up for an awareness campaign that aims to encourage young people to consider organ donation.