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Sleeping under the sky

| Amy Sandys

While obtaining exact figures on the number of homeless people in the UK is near-impossible, estimates suggest a dramatic rise over the past five years. According to homelessness charity Crisis, government statistics put the number of rough sleepers at 3,569 in 2015 – double the figures for 2010.

rabbit run.jpg

Rabbit Run

| Amy Sandys

For three runners motivated by illness, health and family, Duracell’s support in preparing for participation in the Great Run Series has been invaluable. The battery purveyor’s partnership with the Great Run Series has seen 12 races and 180,000 runners empowered to go further.


Carry them home

| Amy Sandys

Corporate partnerships between sports and alcohol brands are nothing new. However recent years have increasingly seen moves to diversify this traditional relationship, moving away from tactics such as simple placement of the logos involved in the sponsorship