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Rabbit Run

| Amy Sandys
rabbit run.jpg

Who: Duracell and the Great Run Series


Objective: For three runners motivated by illness, health and family, Duracell’s support in preparing for participation in the Great Run Series has been invaluable. The battery purveyor’s partnership with the Great Run Series has seen 12 races and 180,000 runners empowered to go further.

Strategy: To activate the partnership, Duracell works with runners to encourage their participation in the events. This year, the pace makers in the runs will be makeshift Duracell bunnies as a means of motivating participants’ achievements. Duracell has also distributed a number of Duracell Powerboards – whiteboards given to family and friends of runners so they can write supporting messages for their loved ones.

Rationale: For Duracell, powering achievement, whether it’s in battery power or human motivation, is a core purpose of the business. The partnership with the Great Run Series also aligns with the company’s brand values. Duracell’s UK marketing manager Alex Haslam says, “Our campaign is based on the idea that anyone, regardless of running ability or experience, has the power to achieve the unexpected and run for longer, just like Duracell products do. The key to helping runners achieve this is helping them understand that they have power within themselves. We think that it’s an important message to land and the theme of longevity is one which is important to Duracell.”